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60 mins/ $78

A Natural body wrap made from fresh seaweed from the Atlantic Ocean. Full of natural minerals from the sea, the seaweed wrap helps break down cellulite, increase metabolism and improve circulation.
Seaweed contains a wide range of essential nutrients, including enzymes, nucleic acids, amino acids, minerals, trace elements, and Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and K complexes.
Seaweed applied warm to the body stimulates the circulation and increases metabolism, and helps the body get rid of impurities. Our pure seaweed wrap provides a gentle and therapeutic detoxification. Ideal for cellulite or weight loss programs.
The naturally healing benefits of the sea is used to help improve body firmness and redefine the figure, especially around the thighs, tummy and bust. Good to lighten stretch marks.


60 mins /$75

French Green Clay is a naturally occurring clay that is highly efficient at drawing oils and toxins from the skin. It is rich in important minerals and phyto-nutrients like magnesium, calcium, potassium, dolomite, silica, manganese, phosporous, silicon, copper, and selenium.The colour in Green Clay comes from the Silica content which is a very important mineral for the skin.The benefits of using the green clay wrap is that it firms, tones and cleanses the skin, rids the body of toxins, reduces cellulite as it compacts fatty tissues and tightens the skin.Green clay also stimulates blood and lymph circulation, improving absorption of cell nutrients.It absorbs and removes dead cells and tones the skin. After applying the clay, your skin breathes, purifies and regains its glowing radiance.


60 mins/$98

100% natural Dead Sea black mud. One of the best therapeutic sources in the world for use as a body mask. Absorbs dirt and oils and cleanses the skin while stimulating it and nourishing it with minerals.Black Mud extracted from the mineral-rich Dead Sea, provides a natural source of therapeutic and beautifying properties. A unique product which rejuvenates the skin and leaves it revitalized, soft and supple. Relieves pain in muscles and joints and releases the body from stress and tension. Leaves your body feeling invigorated and refreshed.


60min $68.

A delicious body wrap that absorbs impurities and oil from the skin leaving it soft and clean.
Made with Thai Lemongrass spices that aids the digestive system and helps improve circulation.
**Recommended to combine the lemongrass scrub and lemongrass body wrap treatment.

Additional $30 for Cream Scrub or $40 for a combination of Seaweed Mineral Salt Scrub with Body Wrap.


90mins $148

Authentic Balinese Boreh (boor-ray) recipe, made at Tamarind Spa for a body treatment used as a health remedy for centuries in Balinese culture.

45 minute Traditional Balinese Boreh Body Scrub/wrap + 45 minute Balinese Massage

The aroma of the Boreh spices will take you to Bali in this traditional, energising, warm spice exfoliation and wrap. Traditionally used to help with circulation, relieve muscle tension, aches and pains as well as balancing the body the ayurvedic way, using warmth.

While cocooned in the wrap feel your body drawing the warmth of the heating spices on your skin while your therapist soothes your mind with a scalp massage. Enjoy a relaxing 45 minute Balinese Massage to back of body with warm oil to ease away muscle tension and soothe the mind.