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Meridians and Body Organ Clock

In TCM, there is an organ clock that represents the time of the day when each organ is functioning optimally and has the most energy.  There are 12 organ systems and 2 accessory systems that are represented by this clock. Each organ system is also associated with an emotion, taste, sense organ, season, etc. but this is beyond the scope of this introduction. Here we will discuss the physical and emotional symptoms that arise if an organ is out of balanced. But keep in mind that if some of the symptoms don’t make sense (ie. kidney imbalanced showing up as premature greying of hair), just know that TCM is a highly developed and intricate form of medicine that differs from Western medical diagnosis.
This body organ clock is called “Ziwu Liuzhu” in Chinese, or Meridian lingers, which advocates nature and humanity correspondence, consider human-being is a part of nature, the human habits should follow the natural law of the four seasons, while personal qi-blood flows have certain timing and period.  The meridian lingers connect people’s rise and fall of zang-fu organs and meridians with timing of day, so as to seek a balance of Yin and Yang, achieve physical fitness, prolong life of preserving one’s health.
Ziwu Liuzhu compares the human qi-blood movement to the flow of water. From mid-night to noon, with different time sequences, the ups and downs of Yin and Yang, the movement of ying-wei, the flow of meridians, and the opening-closing of time points all have the same rhythmic changes with nature. There is also a fixed time for the rise and fall of Yin-Yang through qi and blood. When qi and blood are in surplus, it is rising; when they are out of date, it is decline. Opening points at regular time can effectively harmonize Yin- Yang and correct excess and decline of the body.
The wellness practice, or Yang-sheng in TCM, are usually carried out by the body organ clock. The focus of wellness practice at each time point vary according to the body organ clock. Following is a brief discussion of the organ systems with their corresponding times, and how imbalances in these systems may arise both physically and emotionally.

3-5am Lung

The lung is responsible for moving the qi (energy) through the meridians and to the entire body, as well as providing immune protection. It is also emotionally associated with grief. You may find that wake up during these times if you are struggling with grief or sorrow. Imbalances may also show up as wheezing, coughing, asthma, or getting sick easily.

5-7am Large Intestine

This is the best time to have a bowel movement. The large intestine is all about ‘letting go’ physically and emotionally. Symptoms of malfunction include constipation, dry stools, skin rash, and feeling emotionally ‘stuck’.

7-9am Stomach

The stomach’s function is digestion & breakdown of foods, so this is the best time to eat a healthy & hearty breakfast. If out of balance, symptoms that may arise include acid reflux, stomach ulcer, and bad breath.

9-11am Spleen

The spleen extracts nutrients from food, transforms it into energy and transports it to other organ systems. During this time, you can support the spleen by having a nice cup of warming tea, or a light snack. Foods that support the spleen include cinnamon, yam, dates, and lentils. Imbalances may show up as loose stools, bloating after meals, craving sweets, and low energy.

11am-1pm Heart

During these hours, it is best to relax, take a siesta, and enjoy lunch. The heart dislikes heat (emotional & physical), so try to avoid caffeine, stress, intense exercise, or anything that raises your blood pressure. Symptoms of imbalance are palpitations, shortness of breath, cold hands & feet, and insomnia.

1-3pm Small Intestine

The small intestine separates the clear and turbid fluids, and moves these to the urinary bladder and large intestine, respectively. If you haven’t drank enough water during the day, you are more likely to feel dehydrated during these times. When out of balance, conditions that may arise inclu 3-5pm Urinary Bladder: This is a time of the day when you can feel a dip in energy levels, especially if you are not well-hydrated. The urinary bladder stores & secretes urine (clear fluid), and is nourished by salty foods so having a bowl of brothy soup, such as miso or veggie broth, during this time helps strengthen the bladder (and the kidney, which is it’s paired organ). When out of balance, you may experience burning when urinating, yeast infection, or urinary incontinence.

5-7pm Kidney

The kidneys are responsible for healthy reproduction, development, and growth. Some activities that support this are to have a healthy meal (but not too large) with a little salt for flavoring and love making, which keeps your kidney ‘essence’ strong! When the kidney meridian is out of balance, symptoms that may arise include sexual difficulties, low back pain, or premature graying of hair.

7-9pm Pericardium

This is one of the accessory organs systems.To support the pericardium, this is the time to do something gentle to help you ease into sleep, such as meditation, light stretching, reading, or cuddling.

9-11pm San Jiao (Triple Burner)

This is the second accessory organ system. During this time, to best support San Jiao, we should think about going to sleep during this time – having an earlier bed-time in the winter, and staying up a little later in summer.

11pm-1am Gall Bladder

Physically, the gallbladder stores and excretes bile, but emotionally, it is in charge of self-esteem and decision-making. If you’re not sleeping by this time, you are depleting your gall bladder’s energy stores, which over time, can lead to poor self-esteem, poor judgment, or difficulty digesting fats.

1-3am Liver

The liver’s role is to store blood for menstruation and to get us through the day. If you’re not sleeping at this time, you can quickly become deficient, especially if you are female because of the importance of blood for menstruation (even for those going through menopause). The liver is also emotionally connected to anger. You may find that you wake up between 1-3am if you have repressed anger or long standing resentment. Symptoms of liver imbalances include irregular menstruation, anemia, chronic fatigue, and headache.

Master the Keys of Wellness-Health by Time

The year has the twelfth months and the day has twelve time zones. The human body is a harmonious and balanced system. If you follow its rules, you can keep your body healthy. If you deviate from it, the body will become ill. Master the secret of the body itself, using the law of the body meridian circulation, choose the best time for health preservation and treatment, also master the secret of longevity and health.
The twelve meridians are related to the twelve viscera (zang-fu), and the cycle time of the twelve meridians is closely corresponding to the twelve viscera. In accordance with the law of Ziwu liuzhu, using the health-preserving wisdom in Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic (Huangdi Neijing), according to different time zones, respectively, to maintain the meridians and collaterals in season, to achieve the function of qi-blood unobstructed, strong zang-fu organs, so as to realize the dream of health and longevity.
Throughout the ages, wellness expert attaches great importance to twelve hours of health-care or wellness practice, respectively in twelve hours of maintenance of the meridians and collaterals, has reached qi-blood unobstructed, strong viscera effect. TCM wellness practice pays attention to the concept and method of the unity of heaven, earth and man. It decrypts the magical connection between human health and nature with the ancient wisdom of TCM and reveals the health code hidden in time. The theoretical foundation of this mysterious regimen is the law of Ziwu Liuzhu, which was laid down in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, a classic Chinese medicine book of more than 2,000 years. Such as “the year has twelve months, the day has twelve hours, Zi-wu for the longitude, Mao-yan for latitude.” The principle of Yin-Yang and the five elements, the law of heaven-earth and branches, and the characteristics of the twelve viscera are integrated into daily life, keeping healthy in accordance with Yin and Yang as the ancients did. Twelve-hours health teaching candidates for the time, massage meridians, grasp the important acupoints, adhere to the long-term kneading, follow the “pain is impassable, no pain is going-through” principle, find out the pain point, according to kneading and knocking, have meal on time, adhere to the “meridian”, follow the trend, so as to obtain health and longevity.


Guasha Facial $220

Guasha Facial is a natural and healthy facial massage that accompanies the same fundamentals as ancient Chinese facial acupuncture. This facial triggers vital meridians on the face and aims to promote natural collagen and elastin production, which are responsible for skin structure and elasticity.
The ‘scraping’ treatment does wonders for the skin by stimulating blood circulation to boost blood flow and unblock any blockage to aid your body’s detoxification and healing process.


  • Improves the microcirculation of your facial blood vessels
  • Promotes the flow of blood
  • Fights acne scars
  • Reduces face puffiness
  • Lightens pigmentation
  • Softens wrinkles and fine lines
  • Contours and sculpts jawline and cheekbones
Yang Sheng 30mins $158 (selected parts)

Yang Sheng (Bust, Shoulder, Kidney, Womb, Butt, Back)

Yang Sheng can be a stress reliever. It is all about holistic well-being. An ancient Chinese ideology based on the concept of yin and yang balance is a way of life that promotes longevity and fine health. “Where there is harmony and free flow of qi and blood, there is good health and longevity,” as we say in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). ang Sheng promotes health and happiness by nurturing your body, mind and soul. Qi, the blood’s foundation, energizes and fuels the entire body and muscles, as well as nerve flow and the immune system. The exact, synchronized movements and respiration also transform Qi into essence, a reservoir for longevity that aids in the maintenance and improvement of health.


  • Promotes health and well-being
  • Nourishes the body, mind and spirit
  • Fights tiredness
  • Increases energy level
  • Eliminates toxin in your body

Cupping UP $68

Cupping is a therapy that originated from China. Suction is produced by placing cups against the skin. It is believed that cupping may aid in healing by increasing blood flow.
A modern technique of cupping creates a vacuum inside the cup like a massage-like effect. Cups are also placed on important acupressure points in help pain relief and body healing.


  • Treats digestion disorders
  • Alleviates back pain, neck pain and headaches
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Treats rheumatic diseases
  • Controls high blood pressure

Mud Moxibustion Womb 3 in 1 Therapy UP $138

The Ovarian Womb therapy is based on the philosophy of meridian pathways and the capability they hold in helping you to achieve hormonal balance naturally. The therapy addresses hormonal- related problems such as menopausal symptoms and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
By massaging along the meridian channels, it improves lymphatic flow and drainage by detoxifying waste and toxins. This will eliminate blockages for a smoother flow of Qi and blood in the womb area.
A non-invasive female reproductive organ health massage that works on the abdomen, stomach, liver, intestines, and the female reproductive – fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus.
It helps to ease irregular congestion, reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, help detoxification, and promote overall hormonal balance.
Moxibustion Ovarian Wellness Therapy is a specialized form of massage techniques that is performed over the lower abdomen, pelvis and sacrum area to address these issues above and improve the overall women’s health.

Benefits of Ovarian Womb Therapy

Helps with hormone imbalance

Detox the lymphatic system

Improve overall womb health, irregular menstrual cycles and the flow

Beauty Like You've Never Seen

Step 1

Meridian Womb Massage

Using our Special Herbal Oil combine with our meridian point massage stimulates blood circulation and warm the womb

Step 2

Dry Brushing

Stimulates meridian points to revitalise Qi, expels wind, coldness and toxins from the body and open pores for maximum absorptoion of the herbal mud essence

Step 3

Herbal Mud Mask Application

Infused with 28 nourishing herbs including premium Ginseng and Dang Gui to dissolve blood clots left over from the previous menstrual cycle and promote a healthier menstrual cycle.

Bian Massage Stone Therapy

60min $120 / 90 mins $160 / 120 mins $200

  • Relieve aches and pain
  • Revitalise Qi & energy
  • Relieve menstrual cramps
  • Rejuvenate womb

Tamarind Spa uses heated Bian stone to complement this wellness relief body massage to provide you with a unique and unmatched therapeutic experience.
Bian stones were formed about 65 million years ago when a meteorite collided with Earth in Shandong, China. Known as “needle stone,” it is considered as a precursor to acupuncture, utilizing heated pointed stones (instead of acupuncture needles) to treat neck and back pain. The Bian stone has Yang energy and contains up to 40 trace minerals beneficial to the human body and has thermal conductivity and heat-storing capabilities. Studies have shown that properties of Bian Stone can help stimulate the circulation of blood, relax muscles, joints, and aid in anti-oxidation in human cells.
Bian stone can raise body temperature by releasing far-infrared. This in turn helps purify and balance the pH in our body to release muscle aches, joint pains, and increase metabolism. The magnetic field that constantly emanates from the Bian stone and its ultrasonic pulses can activate dormant immunity cells in our body and enhance the functions of the pineal gland to regulate sleep pattern and mood swing.
Bian stone produces negative ions when rubbed against the skin which reduces stress, boost immunity and inhibits harmful bacteria and viruses.
Hot stone massage lovers will be pleased to experience a similar therapy without inconsistent stone temperature and constant interruption from replacing the stones

Customers with any of the following conditions are not suitable to receive Moxa massage

Sensitive to heat

Insensitive to heat

Uncontrolled hypertension and diabetic